// cinema coordinator//

Shannon is a world-class projectionist in the making and a film major at PSU. A Cleveland native, she likes watching professional basketball, eating sweets, practicing her ramshackle French and watching as many movies as possible. A perfect day for Shannon would include a purposeful hike through the gorge followed by a big beer, a big pizza and a movie at sundown.


//  projectionist  //

Amy is the voice behind much of 5th Ave's media presence. As an architecture major + film minor, she hopes to one day work in production design – recreating the architectural eras she so-admires through film! She finds joy in working with her hands (most often making garments). In terms of film, her favorites are thematically a combination of quirky, quippy + cynical with meticulously maintained colour palettes (i.e. Badlands, Populaire, Interiors). 


// projectionist //

Dan is elated to be the new projectionist at 5th Ave.  Raised (but not born) in Portland, he enjoys walking and biking through parts of the city he hasn’t yet explored, occasionally remembering to take a picture or two. Currently studying English majorly and film minorly, Dan has a vague idea on how to merge those two interests. You can find him in the front rows at most repertory screenings in town, reading on park benches, or watching W.C. Fields at Impulse Video.


Philip zevenbergen

// publicity coordinator //

Philip is the Publicity Coordinator at the 5th Ave. Cinema. He makes short horror comedies and hopes to be a director in the genre. Phil is active in the local music scene and often composes his own scores for his varying films. His favorite film is The Evil Dead (1981) and aspires to frighten people one day as much as it frightened him upon first viewing. He is a film major and looks forward to helping plan the many screenings and events this year. Also, he loves watching movies and talking to you about them.