Zeami eccles-irwin

// events coordinator //

Zeami Eccles-Irwin was born in Hokkaido Japan and moved to Beaverton when he was four. As a film major, he has come to admire the complexity of filmmaking and has a special appreciation for low-budget movies that find unique ways to do more with less. He is most interested in a film’s formal qualities, enjoying everything from the precision editing of golden age Hollywood to the expressive camerawork of 70s Italian horror. When he’s not scooping popcorn at the 5th Ave, you can find him in garages around town making bad music with good people.


//  projectionist

After working as our publicity coordinator and finding herself in the projection booth more often than need be, she found the careful and methodical practice of working with film to be a good fit. She enjoys working with her hands, whether sewing a garment or threading a projector. As an architecture major, film minor, she is interested in the meaning in making, the ways in which a work speaks towards the time in which it is made, and carving out spaces for these sorts of dialogues to occur. Find her in the tiny window in the back of the theatre, aka the booth.



// cinema coordinator //

Makaveli is the Cinema Coordinator at 5th Ave! An architecture major / photo minor hailing from Oklahoma, Makaveli hopes to be a name people vaguely remember in the world of Art and Design. He can be found answering emails behind a computer, in art galleries on PSU campus, making something that could vaguely pass as art, or using an unnecessary amount of exclamation points! He holds the opinion that music videos are the best short films (Vince Staples - Prima Donna is Fire, as is Kevin Abstract - Empty). If you see him say hi, and hope you don’t get into an argument about hip hop with him.



// projectionist //

Amelia Eichler is a native Portlander. As a film major she hopes to someday be in California, saving films from deterioration in an archival warehouse. She most enjoys watching films, hopping from one antique store to another, collecting vintage postcards, roller skating to disco music, and listening to her plethora of Dean Martin records. She loves a good musical and her favorite era in film is the 1930s (but her passion is strong for all films made during the classic hollywood era). You can find her at The Hollywood Theatre or at the local roller rink.


// publicity coordinator //

Originally from Minneapols, Minnesota, Jenny
enjoys her days off reading manga, spending time in the sun, and petting any animal she sees. As a psychology major Jenny hopes to apply art and animal therapy with their major. She loves painting with water colors and drawing to old music when she's not watching animated films. If you see us on twitter or instagram, tell Jenny hi!