High School (Digital), 1968, USA 75m
At Berkeley (Digital), 2013, USA, 244m
Public Housing (Digital), 1997, USA 230m

HIGH SCHOOL: thursday, april 18th, 5:00PM at PARKWAY NORTH PROJECT SMSU101 & Sunday, april 21st, 3:00PM
At Berkeley: Sunday, April 28th, 3:00PM
Public Housing: Sunday, May 5th, 3:00PM

A GENEALOGY OF THE DOCUMENTARY: Cataloguing Institutions and Civic Memory
In his classic style, Frederick Wiseman’s fly-on-the wall documentaries slip cultural critiques and implications below the audience’s radar by focusing on the figures in front of the camera. His argument, always, is that those institutions and systems — and the people who live in them — are more complex than meets the eye. These screenings are in collaboration with Portland State Programming Board and are an extension of our theme A GENEALOGY OF “AMERICA” THROUGH CINEMA.
*All screenings are at 5th Ave Cinema unless noted