For Friday through Sunday Rentals: The Film Committee provides auditorium rentals Friday through Sunday during Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms. Friday and Saturday rentals are for 7PM to 11:30PM and Sunday rentals are for 3PM to 5PM. 

The rental fee for PSU students and groups is $15.00 per hour. For PSU staff and departments, $30 per hour. General public is $50 per hour. The maximum rental time for any group or individual is 4 hours.

For Monday through Thursday Rentals: Campus Scheduling, not the Film Committee, handles Auditorium rentals for Monday through Thursday. The Film Committee is not responsible for 5th Avenue Cinema Monday through Thursday and is not available to coordinate or provide assistance for any auditorium rentals occurring on these days.

If you would like to host your event Friday through Sunday but outside the cinema’s normal hours, the Film Committee may consider your proposal. If the Film Committee approves the proposal, $20 per hour will be charged for use of the cinema outside normal operating hours in addition to the daily rental fee.

Providing free popped popcorn for your patrons is also an option. For an additional $25 per day, popcorn will be provided for all patrons of your screening. Otherwise, popcorn will be available to your patrons for $1 per bag.

Payment is due the day of the event. Cash or check is accepted. Please make checks payable to “PSU Film Committee”. Cancelation of your event occurring less than a week in advance will render any fees associated with the event to be non-refundable.

The 5th Avenue Cinema’s auditoriums are equipped with digital projectors, surround sound, DVD players and computers. If you would like to tour our facilities prior to booking or prior to your screening, please let us know. The auditoriums are used as classroom space during the week, so arranging a time with the Film Committee is necessary to view the auditoriums. The maximum capacity for both of our auditoriums is 100 persons.

The 5th Avenue Cinema recommends securing a public performance license for any film screened at the cinema. It is the renter’s responsibility to secure the films rights as to comply with federal laws regarding copy write infringement. In nonacademic settings, screening films without obtaining the license is a crime and a punishable offense.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a screening, please fill out the form here.