PARKWAY NORTH PROJECT (PNP) collaborative screenings with 5th Ave Cinema

*High School (1968) Dir. Frederick Wiseman, Thursday April 18th, 5:00PM
Wall-E (2008) dir. Andrew Stanton, Thursday june 6th, 5:00PM

*a part of Wiseman: Genealogy of the Documentary

High School*
Thursday, April 18th, 5:00pm
Wiseman unique and personal aesthetic strategies are already on full display in this very early effort, a comprehensive portrait of a high school in all its glory, mundanity and imperfections. The series of vignettes meant to encapsulate the experience as thoroughly as possible include moments both large and small, familiar to anyone who's ever stepped inside an American high school." (CinemaShadow, 2016)

Thursday, June 6th, 5:00pm

A cute robot reconciles with the reality of climate change and the perils of a wasteful human lifestyle. The overwhelming reality of our fossil fueled world killing us slowly (and very quickly) due to the overuse of the automobile. Living alongside the Earth and its bounty as it provides for us, we can regain the paradise we thought it should be.

All screenings will be held in Smith Memorial Student Union building in room 101 and are free to the public!