Dir. Satoshi Kon (2006); Japan, 90m // 35mm
Japanese with English Subtitles
Starring: Megumi Hayashibara, Tôru Emori, Katsunosuke Hori

FRIDAY, November 17TH AT 7:00PM
SATURDAY, November 18TH AT 7:00PM & 9:30PM
SUNDAY, November 19TH AT 3:00PM & 5:00PM

Satoshi Kon’s award winning Paprika cemented his legend status in animation with the final film before his untimely death in 2010. Doctor Kosaku Tokita’s Dc Mini is the latest in psycho dream therapy. It allows doctors the power to alleviate the woes of their patients, and scientists the ability to closely study the inner subconscious of the human mind. Paprika melds reality with the world of our dreams creating an atmosphere full of deep, vibrant colors in imaginative and “dreamlike” sequences. What do we do when the DC Mini is stolen and becomes the tool of an anonymous dream terrorist? We follow the detective alter ego of Doctor Atsuko Chiba, Paprika, as she solves the case. Playing with humanity's relationship with technology while blending and pushing the outer limits of animation’s relationship with magical realism, Paprika leaves you in awe and unsure of what plane of consciousness we’re really in.