Dir. Raymond Phelan & Doris Wishman (1961); USA, 83m
Starring: Marietta, William Mayer, Lester Brown

FRIDAY, june 8th AT 7:00PM
SATURDAY, june 9th AT 7:00PM
SUNDAY, june 10th AT 3:00PM

Nude on the Moon is a naughty “adult film” from sexploitation queen Doris Wishman, the second film of thirty in which she directed, wrote, and produced. Unlike many films within the sexploitation subgenre, Wishman’s cinematography creates a wholesome look at nudity that doesn’t come across as sleezy or crude, while still maintaining a risque energy. Dr. Huntley (Lester Brown) and Professor Nichols (William Mayer) travel to the moon for work and once they arrive are surprised by what they see. The moon is not barren and destitute, but lush with gardens and streams-along with naked humanoids. The picturesque scenery and the ethereal glow of the naked humanoids puts you in trance-like state as Wishman invites you to another world. Join us in celebrating this kitschy, hilariously-bad “Nudie-cutie” in Eastman Technicolor.