// cinema coordinator //

Jeremy is a filmmaker and artist, as well as a cinema purist. Nothing is more exciting to him than a darkened theater, the smell of popcorn, and the anticipation of a transportive cinematic experience. Originally from Louisiana, he was called to the Pacific Northwest through a vision, and his grand adventure has led him to Portland State University and 5th Avenue Cinema. In his free time between classes, 5th Avenue, going to the movies, and film projects, Jeremy takes long introspective walks with his dog Starbuck where they discuss story concepts, character archetypes, and class struggle.


//  projectionist  //

Amy is an architecture muajor + film minor, she hopes to one day work in production design – recreating the architectural eras she so-admires through film! She finds joy in working with her hands (most often making garments). In terms of film, her favorites are thematically a combination of quirky, quippy + cynical with meticulously maintained colour palettes (i.e. Badlands, Populaire, Interiors). 


// publicity coordinator //

Philip is the Publicity Coordinator at the 5th Ave. Cinema. He makes short horror comedies and hopes to be a director in the genre. Phil is active in the local music scene and often composes his own scores for his varying films. His favorite film is The Evil Dead (1981) and aspires to frighten people one day as much as it frightened him upon first viewing. He is a film major and looks forward to helping plan the many screenings and events this year. Also, he loves watching movies and talking to you about them.

Makaveli Gresham

// events coordinator //


Makaveli is the Events Coordinator of 5th Ave! An architecture major / photography minor hailing from Oklahoma! Makaveli hopes to be a name people vaguely remember in the world of Art and Design. He can be found answering emails behind a computer, in art galleries on PSU campus, making something that could vaguely pass as art, or using an unnecessary amount of exclamation points! He holds the opinion that music videos are the best short films (Vince Staples - Prima Donna is Fire, as is Kevin Abstract - Empty). If you see him say hi, and hope you don’t get into an argument about hip hop with him.


// projectionist //

My name is Amelia Eichler and I am a native Portlander. I am a film major and I hope to someday be in California, saving films from deterioration in an archival warehouse. I enjoy watching films, hopping from one antique store to another, collecting vintage postcards, roller skating to disco music, and listening to my plethora of Dean Martin records. I love a good musical and my favorite era in film is the 1930s, but I have a strong passion for all films made during the classic hollywood era. You can find me at The Hollywood Theatre or at the local roller rink.