Dir. Michael Gottlieb (1987); USA, 90m // Digital
Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty

FRIDAY, november 24TH AT 7:00PM
SATURDAY, november 25TH AT 7:00PM & 9:30PM
SUNDAY, november 26TH AT 3:00PM & 5:00PM

To those that appreciate the aesthetic that 1980s consumerist culture has to offer, this film is for you. Mannequin is the definition of aesthetically pleasing with its pastel mall scenes, chic holographic clothing, and funky hairstyles —— a modern retelling of the mythology of Pygmalion, a sculptor who carved a woman and fell in love with her. Andrew McCarthy is our 1980s Pygmalion, Jonathan Switcher, who is surprised to find his work of art, a mannequin in a window display (Kim Cattrall), come to life. Despite the terrible reviews received from critics since its original release, Mannequin satisfyingly embodies the decade in which it was made. There’s no better way to watch this 1980s wet dream than on the big screen.