Leprechaun (Digital)
Dir. Mark Jones (1993); USA, 92m
Starring: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt
Programmed by: Amelia Eichler

FRIDAY, October 25TH AT 9:30PM
SATURDAY, October 26TH AT 9:30PM
SUNDAY, October 27TH AT 5:30PM

For Halloweekend 5th Avenue presents the film that somehow spawned seven sequels, Leprechaun. Before Jennifer Aniston was stuck in an apartment with six people in New York, she made her theatrical debut in. She plays a 22 year old, cliche city girl named Tory who is forced to stay in a house in a small town that doesn’t have a shopping mall. Tory and her dad, J.D. Redding, are renting a house for the summer that was previously owned by a man who had a spat with an evil leprechaun. Unfortunately for them the leprechaun was locked in a crate on the property. When J.D. Redding and Tory’s neighbors accidentally release the leprechaun and he goes a revenge-filled killing spree filled with limericks.