Leaning Into The Wind (DCP)
Dir. Thomas Riedelsheimer (2017); USA, 97m
Starring: Andy Goldsworthy, Holly Goldsworthy
Programmed by: Matthew Carr

FRIDAY, october 18TH AT 9:30PM
SATURDAY, october 19TH AT 9:30PM
SUNDAY, october 20th AT 5:30PM

“I think a good work is a moment of understanding and clarity in a very chaotic situation.” - Andy Goldsworthy 
Leaning into the Wind explores the methodology behind ephemeral artist Andy Goldsworthy’s body of work. Using a plethora of natural materials Goldsworthy painstakingly composes delicate, introspective and geometrically elegant forms. Whether luminous arabesques of ice, fragile leaf patterns, or interwoven branch silhouettes, his sculptures grow, develop, and decay according to natural cycles their existence only proven through vivid photographs, drawings and film. Goldsworthy’s work not only enhances and amplifies the various natural forms with which he works but serves as a meditation on the inevitable passage of time and ones inseparable relationship with the natural world.