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MEAT LOVERS: Premier Screening

Bad Taste Pictures Presents...

Directed by Philip Zevenbergen

Friday June 2nd Bad Taste Pictures is thrilled to premier its very first short splatter film, Meat Lovers, at 5th Avenue Cinema @ 9:15pm!

Featuring gorey non-sense inspired by films such as Dead AliveThe Toxic Avenger, and Evil Dead 2Meat Lovers is sure to please lovers of low budget horror comedies! Immediately following this screening will be a special 35mm presentation of John Carpenter's Big Trouble In Little China!

There is no admission fee and all are welcome!

Synopsis: A pizza boy unknowingly goes a house off from his delivery and finds himself captured to be used as a sacrifice for a basement cult's God. In a battle of bloody carnage, the pizza boy must escape if he is to ever deliver another Italian pie again... (Aprox. 10 minutes)

Carson Allen Brom, George Jones, Quentin Hayes, Sophie Midles, Connor Carlson, and Derek Housh

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