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43rd Northwest Filmmakers' Festival

The Northwest Filmmakers' Festival comes to the 5th Avenue Cinema this year to showcase some of the best films from the region! The Fifth Avenue will be showcasing the following films:

Finding October
Directed by Nick Terry
Washington, 2016, 72 min.

If There’s a Hell Below
Directed by Nathan Williams
Oregon/Washington, 2015, 94 min.

The Devout
Directed by Connor Gaston
British Columbia, 2015, 100 min.

Customer 152
Directed by Jonathan Holbrook
Washington, 2016, 133 min.

The Pearl
Directed by Jessica Dimmock and Christoper LaMarca
Oregon, 2016, 93 min.

The Village of Middlevale
Directed by Amber Celletti and Nathan Blanchard
Washington, 2015, 100 min.

Shorts I: Known and Unknown (Or Unknowable)
Directed by Various
United States, 2016, 80 min.

Secret I
Directed by Matt McCormick

Antipodes Rising
Directed by Georg Koszulinski

Modern Dark
Directed by Josh Lunden

Outer Darkness
Directed by Hannah Piper Burns

Blue Discord
Directed by Arianna Gazca

Secret II
Directed by Matt McCormick
Well now!

Directed by Isaiah Corey

Plena Stellarum
Directed by Matthew Wade

Shared Grief
Directed by Adam Sekuler

Directed by Sandra Ignagni, Trevor Meier

Shorts II: Visions of Reality
Directed by Various
United States, 2016, 82 min

Canadian Pacific
Directed by David Rimmer

Copper Perforation Loop Triptych
Directed by Ruth Hayes

Canned Fit
Directed by Woodruff Laputka

Here Nor There
Directed by Julia Hutchings

The Lift
Directed by Manny Mahal

Voice of the Hi-Line
Directed by Doug Hawes-Davis

Primal Flux
Directed by Joan Gratz

Me is Being Great
Directed by Marshall Granger

Night Walk
Directed by Neely Goniodsky