Eraserhead (35mm)
Dir. David Lynch (1977); USA, 89m
Starring: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph
Programmed by: Jenny Wechter

FRIDAY, October 25TH AT 7:00PM
SATURDAY, October 26TH AT 7:00PM
SUNDAY, October 27th AT 3:00PM

Possibly one of the most visceral and disturbing film examples of the surrealism of adulthood, Eraserhead explores themes of income hardship and the stress of parenthood. Initially a student project which lasted five years, David Lynch’s debut film claimed a spot on the silver-screen in 1977 as a consistent midnight screening. Eraserhead soon reached a cult following after leaving audience members slightly sick and asking “what-in-God's-name is the Eraserhead baby made of?”