Dir. Robert Bresson (1977); France, 95m //35mm
French with English Subtitles
Starring: Antoine Monnier, Tina Irissari, Henri de Maublanc

FRIDAY, october 2oth AT 7:00pm & 9:30PM
SATURDAY,  october 21st AT 7:00PM & 9:30PM
SUNDAY,  october 22nd AT 3:00PM

The disillusionment of Paris youth in a post Vietnam War Era is rather dire in Robert Bresson’s The Devil Probably; think La Chinoise without the militant student activism and with a Dostoevskian influence. Bresson follows a young man named Charles (Antoine Monnier) who eventually discovers that the world and society itself is an existential prison that can’t be fixed. The film was entered into the 27th Berlin International film festival, proclaimed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder to be “the most shattering film I've seen at the Festival. I think it's a major film. In the future—and this world will probably last for another few thousand years—this film will be more important than all the rubbish which is now considered important but which never really goes deep enough. The questions Bresson asks will never be unimportant." The questions that he asks have renewed significance in our current socio-political situation —— contemplate the bleakness and futility of the world while watching Le Diable Probablement, Merde!