Dir. Derek Jarman (1993); 79m, UK

FRIDAY, MAY 19tH AT 7:00pm & 9:30PM
SATURDAY,  MAY 20th AT 7:00PM & 9:30PM
SUNDAY,  MAY 21st AT 3:00PM

The monochrome glow of the projected frame of Derek Jarman’s last film, Blue, echoes the artist’s fading eyesight as the soundtrack evokes powerful images of the mental, physical and emotional strain caused by his terminal illness. Diagnosed HIV positive in 1986, Jarman was inspired to make a ‘blue film’ when he started losing his sight and medication was causing him to see as if through a blue filter. Dedicated to French artist Yves Klein, the single frame used in the film, a photograph of a monochrome painting by Klein painted using an ultramarine pigment solution he patented as ‘International Klein Blue’, the vibrant hue is intended to express the idea of art as a rarefied sensorial experience, transcending reality to reach an immaterial, spiritual beyond.  The script, recited by actors and Jarman himself, alternates poetry and narrative prose around different meanings and interpretations of the colour blue (melancholy, water, infinity, etc.), autobiographical episodes and invocations to a character called Blue.