Antoni Gaudi (35mm)
Dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara (1984); Japan, 72m
Starring: RIsidro Puig Boada, Antoni Gaudí, Seiji Miyaguchi
Japanese with English subtitles
Programmed by: Matthew Carr

FRIDAY, October 18TH at 7:00PM
SATURDAY, October 19TH at 7:00PM
SUNDAY, October 20TH at 3:00pm

Nearly absent of narration and woven together with hauntingly ethereal refrains, director Hiroshi Teshigahara explores the unique and eccentric structures of Spanish architect Antoni Guadi. Guadi was known as the creator of Catalan Modernism and for the world renowned and unfinished Sagrada Familia - currently a 137 year long architectural undertaking, beginning in 1882. Guadi’s designs are devoid of hard edges, forgoing traditional tropes of architectural design for a style influenced by geometries found in the natural world. Teshagahara guides the viewer through Guadi’s renowned works and places of inspiration while highlighting the mystical ambience and otherworldly appearance of his projects.