FRI & SAT: 7:00PM SUN: 3:00PM
Dir. Isiah Medina (2017); Canada, 65m

FRI & SAT: 8:30PM SUN: 4:30PM
Dir. Dean Fleischer-Camp (2016); United States, 52m

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10th AT 7:00PM & 8:30PM
SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th AT 7:00PM & 8:30PM
SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th AT 3:00PM & 4:30pm

Film theorist André Bazin was obsessed with the idea of what makes a film real and intrinsically surrealist because it is “a hallucination that is also a fact.” Isiah Medina takes this concept even further into the future of cinema with his frenetically cut 88:88, intermixing images of his friends and mundane moments of his life in Winnipeg, Ontario. “Reality itself is a gap that isn’t consistent or complete, since reality is incomplete we make films to be able to make reality complete in different ways.” Medina was inspired to tackle not only the question of what is film but what is reality in the first place?

The creator of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, stumbled upon a trove of 100+ hours of youtube footage with no specific context —— featuring the most commonplace nuclear American family, filmed by their father, Gary. Fleischer-Camp challenges the very format of documentary filmmaking by editing and stitching the found footage together in such a way that it becomes a believable narrative of a family going on a money spending crime spree a la Bonnie and Clyde style. Fraud mends a provocative parable of the pursuit of happiness in a disturbing demonstration of the mutability of the stories we share in the Internet age.